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4) The exam scrambles words and letters of the exam answers. Be sure and pay attention to the actual answers, not the letters. The answers may be letters A and E for example, but on your live exam, the answers may be B and C.



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Study Guides


Google Partners



AdWords Fundamentals: Exam study guide


Search Advertising

Search Advertising exam study guide


Display Advertising

Display Advertising exam study guide


Video Advertising

Video Advertising exam study guide


Shopping Advertising

Shopping Advertising exam study guide


Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising exam study guide


Video Classes



AdWords Fundamentals



AdWords Advanced Search



Display Advertising



Mobile Advertising


Video Advertising


Digital sales

1 Offline vs. Online

2 – Google Adwords Portfolio

3 Adwords Auction

4 Adwords Search

5 Tools

6 Conversion tracking

7 Preparation

8 Opening

9 Effective questioning

10 Recommendation & Objection handling

11 Closing


Google Analytics




Analytics Academy Courses

Digital Analytics Fundamentals

Google Analytics Platform Principles

Ecommerce Analytics: From Data to Decisions

Mobile App Analytics Fundamentals

Google Tag Manager Fundamentals


Google Partners

Google Adwords Certification Course: Get Certified in 2 Days

IpassExam (Questions for practice and prepare)

Google Analytics Certification: Get Certified in 2 Days!

Google Analytics Certification Exam Training

Google Analytics: How To Get Certified (GAIQ test)


Academy for Ads

Academy for Ads is a new e-learning platform that offers on-the-go training to help you learn how to advertise more efficiently with Google. Get product education in an easy-to-use interface, gain confidence in your advertising knowledge, and grow your Google product skills.




Inbound Marketing Certification In 3 Hours Or Less

Inbound Digital Marketing Course

Inbound Email Marketing Course

Sales Training Course



Hootsuite Platform Training

Social Marketing Training


Bing Ads Accredited Professional



Study guide

Quick tutorial for a Bing Ads campaign launch
Training and accreditation




IpassExam (Questions for practice and prepare)


This course should be used in conjunction with the official Facebook Blueprint study guides, and hands on experience.

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We recommend referencing the following material in conjunction with the iPassExam Facebook Blueprint Certification Study Trial:

Facebook Blueprint Certification Tutorials

Facebook Help Center Reference


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