What is the language of the Study guides and answers?

The Study guides and answers are in English.

In Google Partners exams you can choose the language you need before taking the exam and when you pass it, you can see the certificate in the chosen language.


Are all the answers correct?

Not all the answers are correct, but the number of correct answers is enough to pass the exam.

Some samples of our last scores: Adwords Fundamentals , Search , Display , Video , Google AnalyticsHubspot Inbound , …


Once I have the Study guides and answers downloaded, can I refund my money?

Once you have bought the Study guides and answers, we won´t be able to refund your money.

If the answers are updated within the following 14 days after your purchase, we´ll revise the new answers and send them to you.


How often do we check the Study guides and answers?

We do it frequently. If the exams are updated with new answers in the following days of your purchase, we check the exams and we will send you the new answers.