TrueView video campaigns can include:

TrueView video campaigns can include:



  • videos uploaded directly to YouTube
  • images
  • other video formats
  • text


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TrueView video ads are an exciting way to reach and engage your audience on YouTube and across the web. You can create and manage your TrueView campaigns in AdWords, using the “Video” campaign type.

This article explains the steps you’ll need to follow to set up a TrueView video campaign and ad group.

Before you begin
Here are some things to keep in mind before you create TrueView campaigns and ads:

TrueView ads and ad groups are created with the “Video” campaign type. Within this campaign type, TrueView video ad formats, CPV, and Target CPA bidding strategies are supported.
TrueView video campaigns cannot include text, images, or other video ad formats.
To create a TrueView video ad, your videos must be hosted on YouTube.
Reporting for TrueView campaigns and ad groups include metrics specific to video ads, including views, view rate, and earned actions, that aren’t available in all AdWords campaign management tools.
Ad groups will each be assigned a format (either in-stream or video discovery), and can contain only ads of that same format. For example, an in-stream ad group can contain only in-stream video ads and their associated targeting criteria and bids. Likewise, a video discovery ad group can contain only video discovery ads and their associated targeting criteria and bids.
If you want to run both in-stream and video discovery formats in the same TrueView video campaign, you will need to create multiple ad groups.
To create a TrueView video campaign with only one ad format, follow the first set of instructions below. To create a TrueView campaign with both ad formats, continue to the second set of instructions below to create an additional ad group.

Each ad group can contain only one TrueView ad format, either in-stream or video discovery. To create bumper video ads, you’ll need to create a separate campaign. Learn more about bumper video ads
You can’t use a portfolio bid strategy with a video campaign.


TrueView video campaigns can include




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