Google AdWords Video Certification Advertising Assessment Exam Answers – Academy for ads – 2018

Google AdWords Video Certification Advertising Assessment Exam Answers – Academy for ads – 2018

This exam covers basic and advanced concepts, including best practices for creating, managing and optimizing video advertising campaigns across YouTube and the web.

90 minutes
74 questions
80% passing score
Validity period of 12 months



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Your manager wants to know how Google can help your brand get in front of mobile users. What might you say?

Google does not provide cross-device targeting at this time.

Mobile is a behavior and not a technology. The Google Network has massive reach and enables brands to easily tap into these behaviors in real time.

TV is the way to go. On mobile alone, TV reaches more 18- to 49-year-olds than YouTube.

Google doesn’t have the mobile ad formats across search, display, and video to persuade our customers.


Video campaigns can help advertisers optimize for:

views and engagements





What does digital media offer that TV advertising does not?

Demographic targeting

Upfront deals


Real-time optimization


You’re an agency that needs to know the technical specifications to build and implement your upcoming video campaign. 

Where can you go to find out how each ad format works, creative submission timelines, technical specifications, reporting, and third-party tracking capabilities?

In the Google Display Specifications site

Through a Google representative

Through the third-party request form

In the AdWords Help Center


What’s the difference between cost-per-click (CPC) bidding and cost-per-view (CPV) bidding?

The advertiser pays for a click on her YouTube channel with CPC bidding, and pays for a conversion with CPV bidding

The advertiser pays for a click on an ad with CPC bidding, and pays when someone engages with the content – for example by clicking Install or watching the first 30 seconds of the ad – with CPV bidding

The advertiser pays for an impression with CPC bidding and pays when someone watches at least 5 seconds of the ad with CPV bidding

The advertiser pays for a click that brings someone to her website with CPC bidding, and pays when there’s an impression with CPV bidding


Which is a best practice for a successful TrueView in-stream ad?

Include a strong call-to-action so the viewer knows what to do

All of the listed answers are correct

Use at least 3 types of targeting to find out which performs best


You want to plan YouTube media in terms of reach and frequency, talk in terms of GRPs and cost per points. What Google measurement solution will you use?

Google’s reach solutions

Brand Lift

Google Consumer Surveys

Sales Lift

An advertiser wants to know if Shopping ads will appear on YouTube. What should you tell her?

Shopping Ads can only appear on

Shopping Ads can only appear on retail websites.

Shopping ads can appear on Google Search partner websites like YouTube

Shopping ads can only show on pre-roll video ads on YouTube


Using a variety of Google tools, Jose was able to glean insight into jean preferences for the area of Chicago in which his new store is opening.

However, he has plans to expand nationally! What Google tool could he use to get insight into trends and popularity of products across the U.S.?

Google Correlate

Google Surveys

Google Trends

Google Shopping Insights


An advertiser can use a remarketing tag to target people who’ve:

posted videos on YouTube that mention her products

subscribed to or unsubscribed from her YouTube channel

searched on YouTube for videos about products like hers

set up multiple YouTube accounts


True or False: Advertisers have to implement a code to use the remarketing feature on a video campaign.



If your client wants to pay only when someone views an ad, you should use:

Text ads

Viewable cost-per-thousand-impressions (vCPM) bidding

TrueView ads

YouTube homepage ads

You can see average video-view duration metrics in:

Google Analytics

the “Audience retention” tab in YouTube Analytics

reports in AdWords

the “Campaigns” tab in AdWords

_________ ads can be created and managed through AdWords.






True or False: Advertisers can set bids per ad format




An advertiser can:

target viewers who are watching competitors’ ads on YouTube

combine an AdWords remarketing list with a video remarketing list

remarket video ads from the Google Search Network on the Google Display Network

optimize remarketing by raising bids on topics or channels that generate the greatest ad response


Which can’t be added to a TrueView video?

A companion banner

A ticker tape

A mobile app promo

A call-to-action overlay


To run a TrueView video ad, the video must be uploaded to:

an advertiser’s website.

YouTube, with the privacy settings changed to “Private.”

any video hosting site.

YouTube, with the privacy settings changed to “Public” or “Unlisted.”


Yoko wants to re-engage prior customers who’ve visited her YouTube channel but haven’t downloaded the shopping app.

What can she identify to make a video remarketing list?

Ad impressions, users who have downloaded the app

Ad impressions, users who have subscribed to her company’s video channel

Users who have subscribed to her company’s video channel, users who haven’t downloaded the app

Ad impressions, users who haven’t downloaded the app


What can you use to connect with people based on their purchase intent?

Similar audiences

Google’s in-market audiences

Custom affinity audiences

Customer Match


Which targeting option allows you to re-engage with people who visited your site by serving them ads containing the products they viewed on their visit?

Display remarketing

Topic targeting

Similar audiences

Dynamic remarketing


On mobile alone, what platform reaches more 18- to 49-year-olds than any broadcast or cable TV network?

Google Maps





____ is used for video campaigns.

Cost-per-click (CPC) bidding

Cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) bidding

Cost-per-view (CPV) bidding

Cost-per-acquisition (CPA) bidding


In his TrueView discovery ad, Amir wants to invite people to click to watch his YouTube video about a DIY home improvement project. 

What call to action language gives learners a reason to take action?

Start now

Download this

Click here

Learn how to build a table


If the primary goal for your video campaign is influencing consideration, what are the KPIs you’d look at?

View-through rate, watch time, favorability lift, consideration lift, and brand interest lift

Views, impressions, unique users, awareness lift, and ad recall lift

Sales and purchase intent lift

Clicks, calls, and sign-ups


Mavi wants to do a collaboration with a YouTube star in which she includes her brand’s message in the creator’s video.

What type of collaboration does this describe?

A one-off video in which the brand is highlighted

A creator video in which the brand’s message is integrated or shared via a “shout out”

A series of brand videos in which the creator is mentioned throughout

An integrated approach in which the brand collaborates with multiple creators to weave in the brand story


How are rich media ads different from other ad formats?

They are a type of text ad

They are displayed on the Search Network

They are static image ads

They are ads with animation or other types of motion


A tech-savvy musician, Josef wants to create his first video ad and he has budget to do so! Although he’s a bit concerned about the actual filmmaking part, he is excited to make this ad himself using YouTube’s Director app.

Which app feature best supports his need?

The app is available at no cost to him or any businesses — big or small.

It’s mobile-friendly, so he can easily create his video footage on the go.

It helps connect him with local filmmakers for hire.

It offers 100+ ready-to-go video templates designed for a variety of businesses, including his.

What are the three components in the YouTube ecosystem?

Fans, publishers, and producers

Brands, publishers, and advertisers

Creators, agencies, and publishers

Fans, creators, and advertisers


________ targeting lets advertisers place ads on specific websites, YouTube videos, and YouTube Partner channels with TrueView ads.






In setting up her latest video campaign on YouTube, Susan is faced with the Video targeting tab and a myriad of audience settings.

What strategy should she adopt to optimize her campaign’s view rates?

Take it easy — to start, simply go with the default targeting settings while getting used to running an AdWords video campaign.

Start broad — adjust the settings to reach a wide audience, test, and then refine the settings based on the performance data.

Maximize for success — take advantage of each setting to narrow things down based on the insights you’ve uncovered on your ideal audience.

Use what you know — adjust the settings to mimic those used for a prior successful video campaign.


What do earned actions measure?

Comments and likes.

Earned views, earned comments and earned likes

Visits on the website.

Ad views (subscribes, playlist, likes, shares).


Sebastien wants to get a good read on how his users are interacting with his videos across different geographies of his target demographic. For example, it would be helpful to know what calls-to-action are driving higher clickthrough rates.

In which report of YouTube Analytics would he be able to access this kind of data?

Engagement report

Likes and dislikes report

Audience retention report

Watch time report

Which is the best tip for optimizing a TrueView video for viewer engagement?

Look at engagement rate for targeting and focus on the methods with the highest view through rate

Add exclusions to the campaign

Run both an in-stream and a video discovery version of the ad

Increase each target group’s bid by 100%


How can an advertiser calculate the view rate of a video campaign?

By dividing the number of views by the number of impressions

By dividing the number of impressions by the number of clicks

By dividing the number of clicks by the number of views

By looking at the percentage of viewers who watched the video until the last quartile

If your client wants a specific reach for a specific price on YouTube, you should use:

TrueView video ads

affinity audiences

reservation buying

placement targeting

When is someone added to an advertiser’s video remarketing list?

When she views the ad for the second time

When she purchases something from the advertiser’s website

When she views the ad

When she clicks the ad


Which of these can be created to run on the Display Network?

Dynamic ads

TrueView ads and Dynamic ads

Homepage expandable Masthead ads

Lightbox ads


TrueView in-stream ads and video discovery ads appear, respectively:

before videos and as clickable thumbnails

to the left and right of videos

as clickable thumbnails and before videos

at the top and bottom of videos


These people are redefining what it means to be a celebrity by being approachable, conversational, and authentic to millions of dedicated followers. They can activate millions of fans with a click of the “publish” button — and some are sharing the spotlight with brands.






What’s the view rate of an AdWords campaign that shows 10,000 impressions, 900 views, and 300 clicks?





What does linking an AdWords account to a YouTube account let an advertiser do?

Access more video reporting metrics.

All of the listed answers are correct.

Create a remarketing list.

Create call-to-action (CTA) overlays.


John launched a new line of men’s shoes on his fashion website, and he wants to build awareness about the launch. Which targeting option should he use?

Gmail ads

In-market audiences

Demographic targeting

Similar audiences


Which can be done in YouTube Analytics?

Create remarketing lists.

Check the conversion volume.

Check the count of earned subscribers.

Check engagement reports.


How can an advertiser set up AdWords conversion tracking for a TrueView in-stream ad campaign?

You can’t measure conversions with the in-stream format

By using Google Analytics

By creating an AdWords conversion tracking code.

By using YouTube Analytics


How can you launch Google Preferred and/or Mastheads ads?

In AdWords

In YouTube

With Brand Lift

Through a Google representative


Video campaign up and running, check! Now how’s it doing? Holly has just a few minutes to pull some data together on how her audience is responding to the ads. In particular, she wants to know how well her ads are resonating — whether viewers are interacting with the ads they see.

What metric should she investigate in AdWords Reporting?

Clickthrough rate (CTR)

Cost-per-view (CPV)

View rate

Viewthrough rate


Where would a call-to-action (CTA) overlay show?

All of the listed answers are correct.

On videos on your channel

On embedded videos

On TrueView video discovery ads


Which of these formats can be booked cross-screen (mobile and desktop)?

Video Media Layout Mastheads

Rich Media Custom Mastheads

Rich Media Layouts Mastheads

Video Mastheads


True or False: More than one YouTube account can be linked to an AdWords account.




Which ad rotation option can’t be used for video campaigns?

Rotate evenly.

Optimize for views.

Optimize for conversions.

Optimize for clicks.


What does average view frequency measure?

The average number of channel views.

The average number of times people have viewed the ad

The average view rate for the ad

All of the listed answers are incorrect.


A huge fan of both in-stream and discovery ads, what advice would you share with Andreas who would like to set up his video campaign in AdWords?

Import videos for both in-stream and discovery ads using the import video group feature

Create one ad group for in-stream ads and one for video discovery ads

Select the video links in the video component Properties panel to add a video to an ad group

Create one ad group for both in-stream and video discovery ads


What is masthead billing based on?


A flat daily fee

Impressions and clicks



The best way to reserve an ad is to:

Create a reservation campaign in AdWords

Enter specifications on the “Reservation” tab

Contact a Google sales representative

Create a standard video campaign


What are the targeting options for mastheads?

Topics, remarketing and interests.

Topics and remarketing.

Interests and remarketing.

Visitors to the YouTube homepage in a targeted country.


What’s needed for an advertiser to set up a video ad campaign?

A YouTube video

A conversion rate of at least 5% on the Google Search Network

A budget for creating professional video ads

A base AdWords budget in addition to pay-per-click costs


Matias is thrilled about including video remarketing in his latest campaign strategy to bolster pre-holiday sales of his company’s new toy release. He is eager to re-engage with his prior customers who are exploring his YouTube content.

What benefit of video remarketing meets his need?

It allows for reaching a very broad audience — a scope that includes YouTube, as well as Google’s Search and Display Network.

It can be set up in AdWords in a few steps.

It’s cost-efficient by remarketing to customers based on past behaviors that may offer a higher return on investment.

It offers the opportunity to target specific customers and create personalized messaging to his audience that has shown interest for similar toys on his YouTube channel.


Where on YouTube can TrueView video discovery ads run?

YouTube watch pages and Masthead ads, and Google search results

YouTube homepage, YouTube search results and watch pages

YouTube videos and Google search results

Google TV, Google search results, and the Display Network


Your agency is looking to run a video campaign that has flexible pricing, real-time optimization, and an ad format that allows users to opt out of watching.

Where can you implement this campaign?

AdWords and DoubleClick Bid Manager

AdWords only

DoubleClick Bid Manager only



Which of these remarketing lists can be used for a video campaign?

People who clicked the +1 button on the advertiser’s Google+ page

All of the list answers are correct

People who skipped the advertiser’s TrueView in-stream ads

People who watched certain videos on the advertiser’s YouTube channel


Maria wants to make sure and share her video ads when her target audience is most likely to view them!

When setting up her TrueView Standard video campaign in AdWords, what setting allows her to adjust these parameters?

  •         Mobile and Tablet options
  •         Scheduling and Delivery
  •         Budget
  •         Bidding


Video remarketing is a way to optimize:


video campaigns

cost-per-view (CPV) bidding strategies

bidding strategies


A TrueView video discovery ad needs to be:

less than 30 seconds

there isn’t a time limit

more than 30 seconds

about 2 minutes


TrueView video discovery ads can run on:


The Search Network and the Display Network

The Display Network

YouTube and the Display Network


Video ads can run on:

Display Network only

YouTube and apps across the Search Network

YouTube and on video partner sites and on apps across the Display Network

YouTube only


Cards are a great way to increase engagement with your video ad or brand.

Where do you create cards?

Bumper ads



Google Preferred


A viewer can skip watching a TrueView in-stream ad after:

10 seconds

2 seconds

5 seconds

7 seconds


_________ are optional, clickable thumbnail images that appear next to TrueView InStream ads on YouTube.

Companion banners.

TrueView in-display ads.

Display ads on the Google Display Network (GDN).

YouTube mastheads.


TrueView in-stream ads can appear on:

the Google Play Store.

YouTube watch pages.

YouTube mastheads.

Google search results.


Call-to-action (CTA) overlays are compatible with:

TrueView in-stream ads only.

any TrueView ad format.

TrueView in-display ads only.

All of the listed answers are incorrect

Which can an advertiser include in a TrueView video ad to increase interactivity?

An animated GIF

A blinking border

A card

A scrolling banner


With a masthead ad, an advertiser can reserve:

YouTube search page

Specific channels

Specific videos

The YouTube homepage

True or False: Video ads may appear in videos marked “Private” on YouTube



An advertiser wants to know the minimum amount of money that she must spend on an AdWords campaign. What should you tell her?

There is no minimum.




A client who wants to advertise before, during, or after popular videos on the Display Network should:

create a video ad campaign

add the keyword “video” to relevant campaigns

bundle display ads for each target audience

add a call-to-action (CTA) overlay to video ads


For her latest TrueView in-stream ad, Jacquline’s primary goal is to get her brand noticed with the 18-25 year-old set.

What could she incorporate in her video to help humanize her brand?

Add music

Feature animation

Use humor

Collaborate with a YouTube creator

What are best practices for creating a TrueView in-stream ad?

Provide clear next steps so customers can take action

Deliver the most important message early in the video

All of the listed answers are correct

Add a call-to-action (CTA) overlay


What percentage of video views on YouTube come from mobile devices?

More than 60%

Almost 25%

Almost 15%

More than 75%


What is Google’s programmatic buying platform?


Google Analytics

DoubleClick Bid Manager



A click on a companion banner:

counts as a view even if the person hasn’t watched 30 seconds of the ad

can direct to a YouTube channel

can direct to an external URL

All of the listed answers are correct


The standard companion banner size for TrueView in-stream ads on YouTube is:






A running shoe company wants to reach “avid marathon runners” instead of just “sports fans”. Which targeting method should this advertiser use?

Demographic targeting

Managed Placements

Custom Affinity audiences

Affinity audiences


True or False: YouTube remarketing lists can be used with standard text and display ads.




Why is average view frequency important to measure?

It lets you continually track conversions

It tells you how many people are viewing the ad

It shows you how engaged people are with the ad

It shows how often the average person sees or interacts with the ad


Your agency wants to run an ad campaign that reaches audiences that are hard to find on TV, impacts customers with engaging formats, and allows your team to measure and optimize their campaigns in near real time.

Where can you advertise to accomplish all three of these objectives?

Your local newspaper





TrueView video campaigns can include:


other video formats

videos uploaded directly to YouTube



With YouTube Analytics, you can track metrics on:

cost-per-channel visit.

playback locations.

YouTube session length.

TrueView ad skip rates.


Which should you consider when evaluating the performance of an advertiser’s TrueView campaign for brand awareness?

View rate, cost-per-view (CPV), and follow-on views

View rate and cost-per-click

Clickthrough rate (CTR) and cost-per-click (CPC)

The targeting options that were used


In looking at her performance data, Mia recognizes her video ads aren’t driving traffic to her website as well as she had hoped. In particular the clickthrough rates (CTR) are low.

What could she do to increase the CTR over time?

Fine tune her target audience

Shorten the video ad’s duration

Add a call-to-action (CTA) overlay

Rotate two or three different video ads

If an advertiser adds affinity audiences and topics to the same targeting group, a TrueView ad will show:

only when targeted topics and affinity audiences match

only on targeted topics

only on targeted affinity audiences

on targeted topics and affinity audiences


The most effective way to control the number of times someone sees an ad is by:

Lowering bidding levels:

Setting a lower cost-per-view (CPV) bid at th target group level

Monitoring audience retention metrics with YouTube Analytics

Setting a frequency cap


TrueView video ads can be especially effective for driving what goals?

Awareness and consideration

Action and awareness

Consideration and action

Only awareness


True or False: With TrueView in-stream video ads, the advertiser pays when someone hovers their cursor over the ad for 5 seconds




What benefit of advertising with TrueView best serves a new video advertiser hoping to share his niche brand story with just the right audience?

You can tell a personal brand story.

You can set up a video campaign in just a few minutes.

You can reach a targeted audience on YouTube and with partners across the Google Display Network.

You can measure your success using the powerful video performance tools AdWords Video Analytics and YouTube Analytics.


An advertiser is charged for viewing a TrueView in-display ad when someone:

shares the ad

clicks and views the first frame of the ad

watches the entire ad

watches a TrueView in-stream ad after watching a TrueView in-display ad


In which TrueView format(s) can an advertiser use a companion banner?

In-stream and in-display.


All of the listed answers are incorrect.



Video ads can appear on:

All of the listed answers are correct

Specific YouTube videos

Websites on the Display Network

Specific YouTube channels


TrueView video discovery ads run on:

The Search Network and the Display Network

The YouTube Network

YouTube videos and YouTube search pages

The Display Network


True or False: IP address exclusion is not available for TrueView campaigns.




True or False: To get full access to YouTube analytics, you need to link your AdWords and YouTube accounts.




The initial remarketing list size for video campaigns includes users from the past:

15 days.

540 days.

30 days.

You can’t include visitors from past days.


What tool measures brand metrics along the marketing funnel like brand consideration or purchase intent?

YouTube Analytics

AdWords Reporting

Video Performance Data

Google Brand Lift


What is a key difference between reservation buying and auction buying?

Reservation buying means pre-packaged lineups, while auction buying is for individual impressions.

Reservation buying is done programmatically, while auction buying is done manually.

Reservation buying is done manually, while auction buying is done through a Google representative.

Reservation buying includes hard-to-sell inventory, while auction buying does not.


What is the Google Network?

The term that embodies all of the places where your AdWords ad can appear.

A network of partner websites that will show your AdWords ad.

The collective term for Google’s professional support staff that can answer your AdWords questions 24/7.

A network of hardware devices, including Chromebooks and Android phones where your AdWords ad can appear.


True or False: You can use contextual targeting with videos.




People are added to an advertiser’s video remarketing list when they:

sign in to YouTube

click a text ad in Google search results

watch, comment on, like, or share a competitor’s YouTube video

watch, comment on, like, or share the advertiser’s YouTube Video

Linking a YouTube channel to an AdWords account lets you:

manage multiple channels from one Google account

use brand accounts to manage many YouTube channels at once or to manage multiple Google Accounts

manage one channel from one Google account

manage one channel from one Google account and let multiple people manage a channel


You work for an advertiser or agency with an upfront deal. What is the best way to reserve Google Preferred inventory?



Through a third-party provider

Through a Google representative


Which devices can an advertiser target with a mobile video masthead?

Mobile only

Both mobile and tablets

Android only

Tablet only


Video advertising on YouTube lets you:

use pay-per-report analytics and pay a single monthly fee

pay a single monthly fee

use free video analytics

use pay-per-report analytics and pay for click-throughs only


Which ad format gives viewers the choice of whether or not to watch your ad, and helps drive brand consideration?


Bumper ads

TrueView ads

Google Preferred


If someone clicks a TrueView in-display ad, where do they land?

The advertiser’s YouTube masthead

The advertiser’s website

The ad’s destination URL

The video on the YouTube watch page or advertiser’s channel


Which targeting methods can be used with TrueView ads?



All of the listed answers are correct.

Interest categories.

Affinity and in-market audiences


Tom has his sights set on this TrueView in-stream ad launching his new food truck company app.

What creative element encourages his customers to interact with the ad and actually take action?

His company’s brand name

A direct call-to-action (CTA)

His company logo

Background music


What’s an example of a managed placement for a TrueView in-stream ad?

A website on the Google Display Network (GDN).

All of the listed answers are correct.

A YouTube channel.

YouTube watch page.


Google helps marketers connect with people using what three kinds of data?

Passion, purchase intent, and personalization

Demographic, purchase intent, and declared

Declared, social, and offline

Declared, matched, and demographic


A TrueView in-stream ad view is counted when a viewer:

watches the ad for 30 seconds

All of the above

Clicks on the ad

watches the entire ad


What’s the maximum length a TrueView video ad can be?

1 minute, 30 seconds.

7 minutes.

There isn’t a time limit.

30 seconds.


Before finalizing the target audience for his next campaign, Sacha would like to find out more about what his potential audience, especially what they think about his product.

What Google tool could he use to gain this insight quickly?

Google Shopping Insights

Google Trends

Google Correlate

Google Surveys


What’s the first step when determining the right video solution for your campaign?

Find the KPIs that measure your goal

Determine your campaign goals

Choose the video solution that drives that goal

Optimize your campaign


If the primary goal for your video campaign is building awareness, what are the KPIs you’d look at?

View-through rate, watch time, favorability lift, consideration lift, and brand interest lift

Views, impressions, unique users, awareness lift, and ad recall lift

Clicks, calls, and sign-ups

Sales and purchase intent lift


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